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Greer children's theatre productions of:

Elf the Musical Jr. Cast List






"First off, I would like to thank everyone who came out and auditioned for us this week. It isn’t easy to be able to perform alone in front of four strangers. You all very talented, and you made it very difficult for us to cast this show. If you were not cast, do not give up. We were looking for very specific things during auditions. Please continue to practice, learn, and audition at other theaters. We would also love to see you come back for auditions in the future. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. If you were cast, I look forward to working with you and seeing you at the Parent Meeting Aug. 28th at 6:00."

Thank you again,
Danielle Trykowski (Director) and the entire Elf Directorial Team


Buddy: Tom Prange

Charlie: Kayla Bress

Shawanda: Darcy Yarborough

Walter Hobbs: Ryan Reed

Emily Hobbs: Gayle Rhodes

Michael Hobbs: Westley Bridges

Deb: Morgan Kelly

Manager: Brayden Freeman

Jovi: Lauren Bennett

Mr. Greenway: Aiden Dyke

Chadwick/Police Officer 1: Brice Struckman

Mathews/Police Officer 2: Rusty Daniel

Sarah: Emily Holt

Sam: Cameron Bruce

Charlotte Dennon/Security Guard 1: Annabel Poinsette

Darlene Lambert: Lura Zimmerman

Emma Van Brocklin/Security Guard 2: Bess Bergin

Elf 1: Kyle Kerr

Elf 2: Cohen Clark

Elf 3: Lucy Smith

Elf 4: Jackson Brockman

Elf 5: Kallie Poinsette

Business Woman: Jessica Candid

Jogger: Dell

Teenager: Alex Drewello

Saleswoman: Fatou Diedhou

Flyer Girl 1: Lily Smith

Flyer Girl 2: Beth Cadieu

Santa’s Helper: Emma Burlison

Passerby: Vittoria Swalm


Little Elf Ensemble/New Yorkers:

Hadley Cash

Harper Cash

Hampton Cash

Brea Marx

Mikaela MacAbee

Layla Kirksey

Gracie Snyder

Ciana McGrath

Rudie Boehme

Kayla Bress

Darcy Yarborough

Kyle Kerr

Cohen Clark

Lucy Smith

Jackson Brockman

Kallie Poinsette


Office Ensemble/New Yorkers:

Madi Axson

Grace Restine

Allie Byars


Big Elf Ensemble/Macy’s Employees/New Yorkers:

Annabel Poinsette

Bess Bergin

Sarah Elam

Lily Smith

Fatou Diedhou

Brice Struckman

Rusty Daniel

Cameron Bruce


Fake Santa: TBA

Santa: TBA


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